AY2017 Registration for the ‘INFOSS Information Ethics’ e-Learning Course

Issued in April 3, 2017

The University of Tsukuba has prepared e-Learning materials for self-study aimed at increasing ICT (information and communication technology) proficiency of our students and staff. The course covers basic knowledge of ICTs, relevant laws, as well as manners necessary to avoid harm and trouble in the network society.

To take the course, access the University of Tsukuba e-Learning system “manaba.” After reading through the 7 chapters of the textbook, take the 5 completion tests.
Each test can be taken repeatedly, therefore try to achieve 100 points on each one.

Please refer to the following guides to register for the course.

<Student Registration Guide>
AY2017 Registration Guide (Students・English) 

<Employee Registration Guide>
AY2017 Registration Guide (Employees) 

Inquiries: Organization for Information Infrastructure(Department of General Affairs,Division of Information Management)
E-Mail:oii-security [at] oii.tsukuba.ac.jp